Create a QRCode to share on Facebook


How to create a QR Code that share a post on Facebook

A good friend of mine working in a social media agency asked me this question (or this free technical consult for christmas – you choose):

“Is that possible to create a QRCode which autofills a Facebook wall post so user only has to press ‘post to profile’ button to share?”

Short answer: no.
Long answer: yes, you can link it to the Facebook sharer, but since July 1st, 2011 you can’t autofill the user message itself.

Pro: it’s dead simple & compatible with all mobile devices that have a web browser.
Just link your QRCode to Best option is even to use URL shorterer services like or (Google one provides you a qrcode if you click on “details”). Those services track how many scan you had from it, and a shorten url = simplier qrcode.

Example:, shorten as which produce the following code

QR code to the sharer URL url shortener service provides a qrcode automatically

Facebook mobile sharer window

Facebook wall post result

Note that user has to be logged in to on its mobile web browser.

“Too bad, people use the Facebook app!” – Well, even Facebook is not agree

“We see more people accessing Facebook on the mobile web than from our top native apps combined, so we know the mobile web is important for reach” – Douglas Purdy, Director of Developer Relations at Facebook

If you really want to have a custom webpage to share this link, you can also create a Facebook application as a mobile website. Pro is full customization & mobile experience adaptation, with con the fact user will have to accept “publish_stream” app permission to do so. Could be cool too if you want to go further a simple “share on wall” experience, but that’s another story…

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